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Climate Tech

With blended experience in engineering & business,
Jagmohan has been building ventures throughout his life.

Working to tackle Climate Change

Serving Global Markets

Who Am I

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on world around you."
- Jane Goodall

Jagmohan, an avid reader & 10m air-rifle shooting player, never forget this quote. With precision, he brings in expertise on various subjects like:

  • Sustainability & Climate Change – Measurement & Emission Reductions
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure Sector – Engineering & Technical¬†
  • Sales & Marketing – Global & Local B2B Businesses
  • Mindfulness & Productivity – for the mind & soul

Jagmohan Garg @UOB's Event in Singapore, Talking about impact of Real Estate on Climate Change.

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“We are all stars in this galaxy.
All of us.
No one’s greater
than the other.”

~ Scatman Crothers